I am so excited about Astrology and Children Character Analysis, which is based on Birth Chart Reading. But why?

All of us different. Each of us own unique combination of strengths and weaknesses. And I find it extremely important to raise our children accordingly. So that we do not push them to a direction which they can not shine at all.

Here I recognised that astrology, birth chart reading, can really help parents. A parent can see what are the communication way of the child, where the child is talented, or where s/he has weaknesses. Or let's say where they need our support the most.

I have two girls. And the character of them are so different than each other. The way I communicate with the elder one does not work with the younger one. Here astrology helps me a lot. And I can see at which profession they can shine the most and be HAPPY.

My aim is to reach more parents and help them, so that we can raise together strong and happy children of future.

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