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What is a birth (natal) chart analysis?

A birth chart (Horoscope) is the snapshot of heaven at the moment of birth, i.e. the constellation of heaven at the moment when the light hit the soul. It is unique to each person.

To calculate a birth chart, the date, time, place of birth and gender of a person are necessary.

This analysis is not just analysing the Sun Sign!!! All the people who are born in the same month CAN NOT HAVE THE SAME CHARACTER!

A professional analysis is analysing

the Sun sign, the moon and all the planets of the Solar System.

It analyses how they are distributed on the 12 Star Groups at the Sky at the moment of birth. A more detail analysis can also analyses the angles between the positions.

Each of theses aspects represents character patterns and life sections. These definitions are statistical, ancient (almost thousands years old) information. It is based on mathematics.

A birth Chart Analysis can give you an extra assistance to get to know yourself properly based on your real character. A professional analysis of birth chart can answer such questions and more:

Why I was born? What is my purpose in this life?

How people see me?

Where is my strengths? Which hobby or which profession is the best for me?

How am I in relationships, in family?

How am I at Work ? What are my strength? Where do I need more discipline?

How is my Karma?

How is my emotional world?

How shall I deal with Conflicts?

Where I shine the most ?

Big Minds like Einstein, Hippocrates etc. were really interested in astrology.

If you want to find some answers for your life or for your child or for your partner, conatct me :)

My mission is to show how real Astrology can assist our lives.

We are all connected and part of the same energy!

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