Discovering your child’s unique character is the key to give them the right advices and to put them on the right paths. For example, help them to choose the career which they can feel fulfilled, feel happy and shine with their strengths at the most possible level.

Astrology once more is a key for a very vital topic in our lives. Astrology gives you an extra assistance to assess your child better, to raise and properly support him or her based on his or her character. At this point the notion called “AstrologicalParenting” gains importance which is very popular nowadays.

The birth chart which is a snapshot of the sky at the moment of the birth is unique for every child including twins. In order to calculate a birth chart, the date, time, place of birth and the gender of a child is necessary. As the next step, the birth chart that is studied gives the character analysis of your child, and with further consultancy you as a parent get a guide to lead and raise your child in the best way.

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