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2022 is coming… Since 2020 humanity is in a hard struggle with Covid-19 pandemic. Did you know that it was astrologically forecasted that such a big trouble was approaching to whole world? Shortly this means that by studying yearly someone’s astrological chart, a road map for a year can be given. This road map can belong to a company, a country as well as a person. Also, companies, countries do have a natal chart. And if you have a natal chart this means that you may get consultancy for a whole year.

While approaching to Christmas & new year you may give a very valuable and useful gift to your family, friends and especially yourself. Life and Stars Life-Coaching offers a very special service for you, your beloved ones and maybe for your company. “Plan Your Life for 2022” is the name of the special offer which promises a customised prognose analysis for 2022.

You may order your yearly prognose analysis via and with the Code:2022 you may benefit the early booking discount for 2022 analysis.

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I got some questions why Jupiter is the healing planet and why I am excited about 2022-2023 because of Jupiter? Some people make fun with astrology and make fun with us, without knowing what really as


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