My story with Astrology and life coaching started 4 years ago, in 2017.

As a hobby, I have decided to study Astrology. I was so excited after my first year and at the end I have decided to study further. And I tattooed the star to remind me that it is now a part of my life, forever.

After graduating the master class, after three years astrology study, I tattooed the two kabbalistic symbols tet and lamed, which represents leo and libra. I am a dominant Libra. The symbol of Libra, lamed, is representing learning, teaching and healing.

The symbol for Leo, tet, is because all the important ones in my life has a strong Leo aspect. And leo and tet represents love.

I chose these symbols for me as a representation for my mission and that‘s when I decided to study life coaching and founding Life and Stars to help people.

A dream came true! Life and Stars is live since February 2021 and additionally I got my licence from the best life coaching courses in the world.

I still continue to work as an engineer, which I am reducing my hours soon. And I will be able to offer more consultation hours.

I am strongly grateful for my family, especially my husband and my mother. They believe in me and gave me the support to start this. And also a huge thanks to all my friends and my Clients.

Your feedbacks give me more confidence to go on.

I love you all 💕

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